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Like any machine with moving parts, powered access equipment can develop issues if not maintained properly. Regular servicing of your equipment will increase its lifespan and will also help to prevent minor faults developing into serious problems and breakdowns.


24/7 Powered Access Support offer servicing as either a one-off machine service, or better as part of a service maintenance agreement, which will take into account a MEWP’s frequency of use, environmental conditions, risk assessment and platform manufacturer's service recommendations. We conduct planned and unplanned maintenance to supplement LOLER Inspections.

Regular servicing and maintenance can be carried during a single visit, or a more cost effective routine is to have a regular service and a LOLER Check completed at the same time.


You can also have your service done as part of a Service Maintenance Agreement contract, saving you the time and hassle of booking multiple appointments with us. 

A service by 24/7 includes:

A 24/7 Powered Access Support service typically includes the following:

  • Initial machine inspection

  • Lubrication fluid top-up

  • Oil and water top-up

  • Change of oil (if required)

  • Change air, fuel or hydraulic filters (if required)

  • Safety checks

We can also carry out more complex life-cycle maintenance including:

  • Complete boom and chain inspection & greasing

  • Hydraulic fluid change

  • Electrical cable and hydraulic hose replacement

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