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At 24/7 Powered Access Support we aim to make sure you can work on with the least inconvenience possible, that's why our LOLER Inspections can be carried out at your request at a time and date that suits you.

We conduct independent LOLER checks in South Wales and beyond, and our LOLER trained engineers hold valid CAP cards to show we have been independently tested and have the knowledge and experience to test powered access equipment.


Powered access platforms are designed to help people work safely and productively, and need to be kept in working order to protect not just operator staff, but the businesses that own the equipment too. Legislation in the UK says that the employer (or owner) is responsible for any lifting equipment on site and is legally obliged to maintain it in a safe working condition.

So do the right thing and book your regular LOLER inspection checks through 24/7 Powered Access Support today.


What does LOLER stand for?

LOLER is an acronym for the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998); it covers the rules relating to lifting equipment in the workplace.

How often should equipment be LOLER checked?
At least every six months
More frequent examinations may need to be considered where lifting operations are continuous.

What does a LOLER check involve?

The LOLER regulations (1998) state that lifting equipment must be:

  • Installed correctly and in a position that complies with health and safety at work

  • Capable of withstanding the heavy load it is designed for and marked to indicate the safe loading limit

  • Used correctly and in a safe manner by people who are competent

  • The equipment will then receive a Report of Thorough Examination, the equivalent of an MoT certificate. This must be kept on file, and available if requested.

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