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We offer Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) contracts for a minimum of 1 year which includes 2 LOLERs, 1 Full Service and 1 Minor Service, but these can be extended for the life of your machines.

The benefits of having a service maintenance agreement in place include (but are not limited to) having peace of mind to know that your equipment will be safe for staff to use, well maintained and less likely to break down, legally compliant to LOLER standards, equipment will fixed as quickly as possible in the event of any breakdown to reduce downtime, a known outgoing cost for equipment across any financial year, and supporting us as an SME in South Wales.

What does a typical SMA include?

A standard 24/7 SMA includes:

  • 2 LOLER Inpections

  • 1 full service

  • 1 minor service

  • 24/7 breakdown cover

  • Discounted labour, mileage and parts

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